Ontario: Closed for Business… for Good

Can we talk about Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s announcement of new and stricter COVID-19 rules that took place last Friday, April 16?! I don’t like to get angry – especially during Ramadan when I remind myself constantly to practice patience – but what an absolute circus show this man has displayed in the last 48 hours!

He was under fire shortly after the announcement that stricter rules were coming for all Ontario and its residence.

Welcome to the police state known as Ontario

Premier Ford started his address to the people of Ontario today by saying ” Well good afternoon. I’ve never shied away from telling you the brutal honest truth. I’ve never shied away from telling you tough decisions and today I’m here to do just that. My friends, we’re losing the battle against the variants and vaccines.”

Small town doctor “quite alarmed” at “high rate of serious side-effects” of Moderna’s Covid vaccine

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a small-town doctor who runs his own practice in the small town of Lytton in British Columbia called the “Lytton Medical Clinic”. Recently, the doctor has begun making waves for his open letter to doctor Bonnie Henry – British Columbia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Read all about it in this article!

BREAKING: Quarantine Hotels Case To Proceed

Jay Cameron, the Litigation Director at the Justice Centre had the following to say about the situation:

“Quarantine, particularly of healthy or asymptomatic individuals, is the functional equivalent of house arrest and the Justice Centre will not allow it to continue unchallenged,” he stated. “The forced isolation of Canadians contravenes multiple Charter protections, are unnecessary and are not a minimal impairment of Canadians’ constitutional rights and freedoms. They are an oppressive overreach from a government that has lost sight of the restrictions on its power”.

Vaccines aren’t enough – Really Trudeau?

A video of Justin Trudeau appeared today speaking about vaccines. He clearly stated, “vaccines aren’t enough to keep us safe”.

This is a very concerning dialogue from the Prime Minister of Canada. The video can be seen below.

Doctors sound alarm on harm of lockdowns – Concerned Ontario Doctors Covid-19 summit

As Ontarians are amid their 3rd lockdown, a group known as the Concerned Ontario Doctors hosted a summit on the harms of lockdowns that featured some very prominent medical professionals. The event took place on April 11th at 4 pm eastern time….

Ontario Liberals Call For Firing of Education Minister Lecce.

If you haven’t heard by now – schools are closed again. All the science says they shouldn’t be, but hey -here we are.

Now, In an open letter sent for release, Stephen Del Duca has called for the firing of Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

Essential business earns only 10-15% of income compared to pre-Covid – Government restrictions to blame

Pet retreats, they’re where you take your furry loved one when you have a hockey tournament, a vacation, a date with the slopes or for many other travel-related reasons – but what happens when the travel trickles to a halt? What happens when your business is deemed “essential” and you don’t qualify for any government handouts?

The bills remain the same – but the profits for many small businesses have dropped to mere fractions of what they were during “pre-pandemic” levels as a result of our Government’s Covid measures.

The Case Of Texas, What They’re Doing and Why It Matters.

In case you are unaware, recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott removed all Covid-19 restrictions including masking and the closure of businesses.

Lockdowns don’t work – unless your goal is destroying Canadians futures

As we head into another 28-day lockdown courtesy of Premier Ford I’m reminded of two things. The first thing I’m reminded of is the literature published on August 1st of 2020 in the Lancet stating that lockdowns don’t work. Secondly, I’m reminded of the numbers coming out of Texas that show that Covid numbers have fallenContinue reading “Lockdowns don’t work – unless your goal is destroying Canadians futures”