What if we tested for influenza like we do Covid? A hypothetical exploration of the data

If we tested the same amount of individuals as we have for Covid – how many influenza “cases” would there be? In this article, we will use the weekly epidemiological reports from the 2019 flu season and 2020 to illustrate what the case numbers would look like.

If COVID policies work to stop the Flu – why don’t they stop COVID?

“If both illnesses are spread through respiratory droplets – then why do the measures work to reduce the number of Flu cases, but not Covid cases?”

Where’d the flu go 2020? — Australia

“This means that although in 2020 Covid was tested for 685.71% more than for influenza, still influenza yielded more positives for the same time period (4 vs 0 covid).”

Where’d the Flu go? — 2020 the year influenza almost disappeared

COVID-19 — It’s so big and bad it made the influenza numbers drop to their lowest in almost a decade! Yes, you heard that right — influenza reports show that we have the lowest numbers that have been seen in the past nine seasons.