Lockdown incoming for Boxing Day – 2.38 hospitalized patients with Covid per hospital in Ontario

Currently, there are 915 hospitalized in Ontario with Covid. There are roughly 384 hospitals in Ontario. This means that per hospital (numbers vary at each hospital) there are an estimated 2.38 patients in Ontario with Covid per hospital – where’s this number in the media reporting? In addition, Ontario has long struggled with having enough hospital beds. Ford even ran on ending hallway medicine…

Retail and gyms aren’t driving Covid cases, Long-term care and workplaces are – so why are we locking everyone down?

This article is going to be short and sweet – straight to the point with the data. Why are we locking down all Ontarians when we know that the vast majority of cases are from Long-term care and workplace settings?

Comparing Total Deaths during Flu/Covid season – what do the numbers say?

All stats were pulled from Stats Canada. In this article we will present the total number of deaths for the months of January to April and the months of September to December. We also calculate the percentage based on the total population of Canada within that given year.

London shouldn’t “Defund The Police,” — they should be given additional funding

With the lowest capita of police officers in Southern Ontario and the second-lowest cost per capita in a study amongst 16 municipal governments, London Ontario is needing anything but being defunded.

I mean c’mon — even the ex-police union chief says reducing the London police budget is dangerous.

The story of Family 2 Family and how they’re helping their community

This is the story of Family 2 Families. A not for profit helping those in Cambridge, Ontario.

“Last year I was doing it out of the trunk of my car before any of this came up. I was driving around with blankets, coats, pants, socks and I was going down to Bridges (shelter) opening my trunk and asking hey do you guys need any blankets, some pillows – what do guys need?”

Fined $2,800 for exercising his charter rights — Mark Friesen isn’t stepping down

$2,800 — That’s how much Mark Friesen was fined for exercising his charter rights. The intimidation tactics for those speaking against the narrative continues to ramp up. How will Canadians who believe in freedom respond?

Freedom isn’t free — and many are paying the price already.

Mr. Friesen won’t be — he’ll be fighting it in court — with the legal fees he’s gathered through a GoFundMe.

Mask exemptions – what you need to know

There are many reasons to not wear a mask as detailed by the Ontario Human Rights Code. Many of these are not visible.

Leaked China documents show Trudeau’s disregard for Canadians security – why are we appeasing the Chinese Communist Government?

Recently leaked documents – By Rebel news obtained via Freedom of Information Request show that the Trudeau government has been planning training exercises alongside the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) – including an exercise to teach winter warfare to the PLA. While going through the documents a few things crossed my mind. First, it’s an obvious concern that theContinue reading “Leaked China documents show Trudeau’s disregard for Canadians security – why are we appeasing the Chinese Communist Government?”

“Conspiracy theorist,” they said, “There will never be a digital health passport,” they said.

No vaccine?

Give up your freedoms then. — That’s what they want you to do if you refuse the vaccine.

No work, private venues, travelling or seeing your grandma — unless if you get a “non-mandatory vaccination.”

Go figure.