Class action alleges Pornhub parent company ‘MindGeek’ profits off of abuse and non-consensual content

An Ontario resident has started a proposed class action in Quebec against Montreal-based company MindGeek alleging that it has profited off of child sexual abuse material and non-consensual content since as far back as 2007.

Mandatory masks and restricted movement against constitution – Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I have seen this claim floating around for a while now and couldn’t find any credible sources to verify it. To put it bluntly, if you have a publication but won’t put your real name behind it – I’m not going to cite it as a source. However, that changed when I was able toContinue reading “Mandatory masks and restricted movement against constitution – Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Police have a duty to protect Charter of Rights – Police Services Act

What should be clear to all police officers is that they have a duty to uphold the oath they took when making the determination to become a police officer – it’s in their oath and the Police Services Act.

$35K in Damages awarded to Six-Year-Old Black Girl Handcuffed by Peel Police at School – Human Right’s Tribunal

The six-year-old black child that was handcuffed and led to the police car of a Peel region officer has won 35,000 dollars in a Human Rights Tribunal ruling.

The decision comes approximately one year after the Tribunal ruled that two Peel police officers’ actions against the six-year-old constituted a “very serious” breach of the child’s human rights.

Viva Healthcare Packaging receives $450,000 to produce over 22.5 million masks each month with investment from the Ontario Together Fund

Despite the looming ban of single-use plastics this year, the Ontario government has invested $450,000 in Viva Healthcare Packaging LTD to produce over 27 million masks this year.

*Breaking* Capitol Hill has been breached through the rotunda during congressional hearing to verify vote – leaked audio

During the hearing commotion interrupted the debate in congress a few times with a recess being given without any knowledge to the viewer as to why. While watching the Right Side News Broadcast of the Congressional hearing – leaked audio came during one of the recesses indicating the Whitehouse has been breached. The speaker urged people to stay calm.

Business owner gives health inspector a piece of his mind (Covid)- we’re all in this together. We’ll just all starve to death and die.”

“If we can’t work then he can’t work. This is what happens when people get desperate – I’m desperate. Who’s going to pay her car payment (pointing to Bread and Barley’s waitress who was recording the video)? Who’s going to pay my cook’s rent? I want it to be hard on everyone I want everyone to see how hard this shit is. This guy needs to know how hard it is.”