Ontario to increase workplace inspections during Covid-19

Beginning this Saturday and Sunday, approximately 50 ministry inspectors, as well as local bylaw and police officer, will be visiting big-box stores in Toronto, Hamilton, Peel, York and Durham. The government blitz will focus on ensuring workers and patrons are wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and following “every health and safety measure.” The question that needs to be answered is – will people with exemptions have them honoured?

CISA aware of compromises of U.S Government agencies and critical infrastructure after SolarWinds hack

CISA is aware of compromises, which began at least as early as March 2020, at U.S. government agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and private sector organizations by an APT actor. This threat actor has demonstrated sophistication and complex tradecraft in these intrusions. CISA expects that removing the threat actor from compromised environments will be highly complex and challenging. This adversary has demonstrated an ability to exploit software supply chains and shown significant knowledge of Windows networks.

Bite-resistant clothing company reports record sales as violence against teachers soar

As violence against teachers increases around the world, BitePRO’s bite-resistant clothing is supplying educators an aid in the workplace while reporting record sales of their products.

Premier Ford “there will be soon some really dark days ahead, some turbulent waters – but we will get through this”

Premier Ford has declared a second provincial emergency under s 7.0.1 (1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMPCA).

Class action alleges Pornhub parent company ‘MindGeek’ profits off of abuse and non-consensual content

An Ontario resident has started a proposed class action in Quebec against Montreal-based company MindGeek alleging that it has profited off of child sexual abuse material and non-consensual content since as far back as 2007.

Mandatory masks and restricted movement against constitution – Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I have seen this claim floating around for a while now and couldn’t find any credible sources to verify it. To put it bluntly, if you have a publication but won’t put your real name behind it – I’m not going to cite it as a source. However, that changed when I was able toContinue reading “Mandatory masks and restricted movement against constitution – Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Police have a duty to protect Charter of Rights – Police Services Act

What should be clear to all police officers is that they have a duty to uphold the oath they took when making the determination to become a police officer – it’s in their oath and the Police Services Act.

$35K in Damages awarded to Six-Year-Old Black Girl Handcuffed by Peel Police at School – Human Right’s Tribunal

The six-year-old black child that was handcuffed and led to the police car of a Peel region officer has won 35,000 dollars in a Human Rights Tribunal ruling.

The decision comes approximately one year after the Tribunal ruled that two Peel police officers’ actions against the six-year-old constituted a “very serious” breach of the child’s human rights.