Indigenous PPC candidate refused entry to all-candidates debate hosted by Brantford Chamber of Commerce

Cole Squire, the Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) candidate for the riding of Brantford-Brant in Ontario was refused entry to the Brantford Chamber of Commerce’s (BRCC) all-candidates debate.

Social Credit system discussed in report “Co-Championed” by Trudeau’s Privy Council

The report’s preamble begins by saying that “this document does not represent an official policy position of the Government of Canada.” It continues; “Instead, it records the work of a sub-group of new public servants who participated in Canada Beyond 150, a professional development program co-championed by the Privy Council Office and Policy Horizons Canada.”

“There are hills on which to compromise and those upon which to die” – 4th year McMaster student considers ending degree over vaccine mandate

A 4th year French and History Undergraduate named Cecilia Di Benedetto has written McMaster University indicating that the universities new Covid-19 vaccine mandate for students “is wrong” and that she does not support it. In her letter to McMaster Cecilia wrote that she is considering ending her degree over it. The born and raised Hamiltonian wrote that “a University must be a place of open debate and dialogue” and hear all sides before taking a firm stance on any issue and as far as she can see, “no such debates or public inquiry have taken place.”

O’Toole gets asked about vaccine passports – “it is also possible to have daily screening tests for some situations, for people who are not vaccinated.”

Many have been seeking to understand the Conservative parties position on vaccine passports and mandates especially after the Conservative party removed Jonas Smith for speaking out on these issues. Alexa Lavoie, a reporter for Rebel News was able to get an answer

UNDRIP and booster shots – the Conservatives “Secure the future” plan broke down

This article breaks down the 83 page long Conservative “Secure the Future” plan.

O’Toole’s attempt at vote buying as shameful as Trudeau’s

By: Greg Staley Written on: 2021-08-17 Screen shot taken from CPAC coverage. Many conservatives were quick to criticize Trudeau’s decisions to give a one-time, $500 payment to seniors right before an election calling it an attempt at “vote-buying.” It could be argued that Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative party is no better as heContinue reading “O’Toole’s attempt at vote buying as shameful as Trudeau’s”

Trudeau says rising expenses on homes and living “unacceptable” as he balloons the deficit

he sun to Canadians in hopes he receives their vote. The issue is that the actions that Mr. Trudeau has taken during his tenure as Prime Minister have lead to a massive deficit (currently $1.2 trillion) that is making life unaffordable for Canadians today. Now the Prime Minister is hoping that Canadians fear of Covid-19 will be enough to get them to vote for more things that they simply can’t afford.

Ph.D. educated most likely to be Covid vaccine-hesitant – Pre-print study

By: Greg Staley Written On: 2021-08-12 Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash According to a pre-print study released in medRxiv, of the over 5 million U.S adults that took an online survey used to evaluate change in vaccine intent and explore the reasons for vaccine hesitancy – those that reported being Ph.D. educatedContinue reading “Ph.D. educated most likely to be Covid vaccine-hesitant – Pre-print study”

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park speaks on the UN, western hypocrisy

Yeonmi Park was on The Joe Rogan Experience recently to speak on various issues facing the people of North Korea, her experience with the UN and the hypocrisy being spewed from the mouths of western politicians.

*Opinion* Covid vaccine passports are racist – Stats Canada report shows lack of confidence in CV-19 vaccine in minority communities

According to a Stats Canada report released in March of this year, there is a large gap in the “wiliness to receive a Covid vaccine” in minority communities across Canada compared to the general population. This makes the push for a vaccine passport that will segregate society based on vaccination status an arguably racist policy proposal.