*Follow the money* Examining the COVID-19 Ontario Science Advisory table – a deeper look

There are 27 members in total on the Ontario Covid-19 Science Advisory Table and 19 of them are either employed (in some capacity) at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (part of University of Toronto) or they’re attached to U of T directly. If the goal of the Science advisory table is to provide unbiased and balanced points of view on our handling of Covid-19 than they have failed to do so in my opinion.

Canada votes YES to “dangerous and divisive” Bill C-15/UNDRIP – Justice Centre report rips it apart

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Canada’s politicians voted in favour of the adoption of bill C-15 – a bill that will see Canada adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). The bill is now going to the Senate for consideration and passage.

Federal advisory panel recommends an end to government-authorized hotel quarantine for travellers

A federal advisory panel is recommending an end to government-authorized hotel quarantines for Canadians as well as specified travel requirements based on vaccination status.

All-Cause Mortality Canada 2020 – Number of deaths IS up

There was a total of 20,315 MORE deaths in 2020 compared to 2019. Many of these deaths came as a repercussion of our approach to dealing with Covid – not from Covid itself. Deaths as a percentage of the Canadian population was up .05% from 0.75% in 2019 to 0.8% in 2020.

All-cause deaths for 2020 for all age groups in Canada = 303,350

VIDEO: Maxime Bernier on the impact lockdowns have on small businesses in Canada

Maxime Bernier took a few minutes to speak with Diverge Media’s Greg Staley at the ‘World Wide Rally For Freedom’ in Toronto last Saturday, May 15.

“You have Costco that can be open and a lot of people use Costco — but they cannot go to their local store. So it’s unfair it is unjust and it’s killing the economy — it’s killing the small business,” said Bernier.

Mandatory Masking 1.8% effective at best – Revisiting ONA court win against vaccine or mask policy

In the best-case scenario that the CDC presents masking is only effective at reducing mortality and case growth by 1.8 percent. All of the harm done to children over mandatory masking for 1.8% – at absolute best! All the headaches and lack of personal connection with one another over 1.8%.

“Our measures are taking more lives than they’re saving,” — Roman Baber confronts Christine Elliott

Baber confronted Elliott last Thursday during question period after a report came out in The Star that lyes out the impact of lockdowns during the pandemic to be far more tragic than originally thought.

MPP Belinda Karahalios criticizes the Ford government for seeking 7 more months of emergency powers

Karahalios took shots at the Ford government Thursday for seeking to extend emergency powers for an additional 7 months the same day it announced its reopening plan.

“What the government gives the people with one hand, it certainly takes with the other.”

NDP’s Sattler says “no possible justification” for emergency order extension by Premier

The NDPs Peggy Sattler of London West railed against the Premier and his government for seeking an extension to the emergency measures. Sattler said, “there is no possible justification for this one-year extension on the emergency orders unless it is to continue the attack on worker rights that we have seen repeatedly taken by this government since it was elected in 2018.”

*Opinion* Ford’s “Reopening plan” is a plan to fail Ontarians – Open your businesses now!

Make no mistake about it, Premier Ford’s “reopening plan” is nothing more than a plan to fail Ontarians. The Premier doesn’t care about your business, your job or your family and the veil that allows him to pretend as though he does care has worn thin – Ontarians are seeing right through him and his government.